Amazon order give back to COCHISE

Click link every time your order from AMAZON.

As APT President, I wanted to reach out to you during this holiday season to let you know about an incredible opportunity we all have to help raise money for Cochise without contributing an extra penny!!  I’ve been doing this for a while now and it’s FOR REAL!!!

Just by signing up and ordering through AmazonSmile,  I contributed $8.81 to Cochise without doing anything differently than I would normally do.  I know that may not seem like much but imagine if we all did it.   We could pay a Teacher Aide’s salary just because we like to shop…especially, during this holiday season.

So far this year, we have earned $79.76 for Cochise simply by ordering through AmazonSmile instead of Amazon.  How incredible is that!  There is still no shipping costs (for Prime members), the prices aren’t secretly higher, and there is nothing sneaky about it.  It’s so easy and it’s truly no different than if you were ordering through your regular Amazon account.  Please, please sign up to support Cochise through AmazonSmile. Click on this link and help pay for some truly amazing aides and other incredible benefits for our kids!



Thank you